Journal Articles/Thesis
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Conference Proceedings (peer reviewed)
Chambers S., James R. N. - Sonar termination as a cause of mass cetacean strandings in Geographe Bay, south-western Australia. p.391-398, Acoustics 2005, Acoustics in a Changing Environment. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, Busselton, Western Australia. November 9 - 11, 2005.
Conference Talks
James R., Woodings S., Chambers S. - A Plausible Physical Cause for Live Cetacean Mass Strandings. p.157, 13th National Congress of the Australian Institute of Physics, Fremantle, Western Australia. September 27 - October 2, 1998
Newspaper/Magazine Articles
The fatal shore - Bruce Montgomery. The Weekend Australian Magazine, pp 22-25. May 2-3, 1998.
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Whale beaching breakthrough - Kim MacDonald. The Sunday Times , p23. November 7, 1998, p15. May 10 1998.